Hello Developers

I am having an Issue with my 2015 sql backup i backed up from SQL 2014 and i want to be able to Use that DB in my NAV 2009 with the backup i made from the 2014 SQL

i want to restore it in my SQL 2012

-I have tried to change the compatibility level to (100) then and then to (110) with both the transact SQL and the GUI but it does not Help

-I have also tried to copy the database using the wizard but i keep getting an error of view event log

SomeOne help me please with any trick around it

You cannot restore a SQL backup to a prior SQL version.

There has to be a way

Hi Farrel,

it is not possible on this way, because you can not restore a backup of sql server 2014 in a previous version. There is no way in doing so!

What you can do is to export the data of the sql database with sql export options and then import the data into a database of the sql server 2012.

To do so:
1.) create a demo database on the sql server 2012 of the nav 2015 dvd.
2.) export all objects of your current live database of the sql server 2014 (using the developer environment)
3.) import these objects into the demo database of the sql server 2012
4.) create all companies, which you need, in the sql 2012 database (same company names like in oyur live databse)
5.) export all data with sql export options (example: msdn.microsoft.com/…/ms141209(v=sql.120).aspx))
6.) import the data

This way you get your nav 2015 database to sql server 2015.

To get the data of the sql databse into the nav 2009 version is a whole other story. This will need some more actions, because tables and fields are not the same. You have to export the data with C/AL of nav 2015 using an export option (file variable or something else), match these with the nav 2009 database and import this.

Without a developer you can not achieve this, because there are to many things, which were change (dimensions,…)

For our clients I have developed a data transfer tool, which can export data of an old version of nav and import it to a newer version. I guess I would be possible to reverse the process with some tweaks.

Normally you have to ask your ISV to help you out with this.

best regards

a bit strange thing, what you want to do.
… and that won’t go the way you tried. you cannot go backwards with sql versions.

so your best chance is to export the complete data using sql server import/export wizard.
then create a new sql 2012 database and import the complete data with that tool.

If I read your question again, then want to restore a SQL 2014 backup in SQL 2012? That’s not possible.
But as long as you didn’t change the compatibility level to 120 (SQL 2014), then you should be able to just detach the database, and reattach it on the SQL 2012 server?

But even if this works, then you also want to be able to run the database you previous have upgraded to NAV 2015, and migrate it back to NAV 2009? Did I understand this correctly?

I expect that you are aware that this is NOT POSSIBLE. At least not in an automated/standard way. Not supported is what Microsoft would answer you. The only way to get your data back into NAV 2009 again would be to re-migrate everything. You need to export everything as Excel files in NAV 2015, and then importing it in NAV 2009. But it will be as a new install.

But what is the real issue here [mention:a0f24af794b24752985b397fc8271311:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ? What happened here? Is it an issue with a live system or development?

Apparently it was an issue with with a live system(NAV2015) was having a DB in SQL 2014 Client wanted it back in nav 2009 i have no idea why but the i got was i generate the db scripts in the SQL2014 and imported then in SQL 2012 and then compiled and boom everything was working just fine thats how i was able to get away with

BTW Thanks team for being around I like the Group

Not quite sure what you just said? But you created some SQL scripts! which exported the data from a SQL 2014 into an SQL 2012, after which you could reopen the database with NAV 2009 and compile and use it???
Sounds a bit impossible to me? :slight_smile:

Hello Erik you can try it by Selecting the database you want to transfer right click on it go to tasks then select the option on generate scripts then you go to advanced chose what you want to generate, you can chose to generate scripts plus the data in it but it better to generate table scripts without its data.
Take the scripts you generated from the diffferent(sql 2014) version open it in the lower version (sql 2012) comment out the possible users then execute the scripts you will have restored the data base in 2012 that’s how i was able to do thankyou

Yes the SQL parts I understand. It’s the NAV 2015 to NAV 2009 part…

Yeahahahaha true very The old data in the 2015 nav remains there its like starting a new DB just got and empty db compatible to nav 2009 for the same project in nav 2009

Have a great day too boss