Migrate POS Sales OFfline to Online

Hi everybody, I’d like to know what do I have to consider if I’d like to change an Offline POS Sales (TPV Spanish version) for an Online POS Sales. I mean, apart of the new licenses, new users, and changing the Store configuration To Online, is there anythin else I must know? The thing is that with an Offline POS Sales (and because Navision doesn’t control if I sycronize first the files of yesterday, and after that files of the day before yesterday), I end up with a lot of incoherent outstanding quantities data with , for example. Any ideas?

Which add-on are you using for POS? Landsteinar Retail? Infostore? And which version? -john

It’s none of those. It is a spanish version. Someone told me it was developed by a spanish IT Consulting firm which sold it to Navision. I thought that maybe there were international versions of this one.

I finally found the solution. I succeded in finding a Contact in the spanish Microsoft division, the spanish POS Sales’ expert. If anyone is interested, just let me know. I’ll be glad to share what I found out. Thanks John for your interest. Anna.

You are welcome. I am interested inthe product you are using. Is there a name for it? A website to visit? -John

Hi John, and Anna… I’m also anxious to see POS application using Navision. Any urls please… Better if there’s a commercial/demo version of these add-ons. That’s all about it. Jemmy

Jemmy, Check out: http://www.infostore.is (The Landsteinar-Stregur solution) http://www.basix.co.za/navision_solutions/SoftSysPos.asp -john

The version I am using it’s a spanish version, completely integrated with Navision. It won’t be useful for you if you because it works with spanish tax. There is a license for an Offline POS Sales and another for an OnLine. I’ve only worked with the Offline POS, which is composed by 4 modules: 1.-Front Office (for sales, reserves and POS Customers maintenance) 2.-Back Office (for receptions, deliveries, orders to head office, payments, inventory, etc). 3.-Consolidation, which is one of the head office module. This is the one used to syncronize store-data to head office, and the register of it. 4.-POS Head Office, where you can find Store Configuration, users, etc. The syncro process generates XML files, both from the Head Office and from the Store. You may use external tools to deliver those files to the store or to the h.o… That is how it works, in general terms. I know it won’t be of much use for you (John, Jemmy and not spanish people), but … who never knows?

Anna - I would argue that a vintage car collector would still be interested in a car, even if someone from the UK said, “well, you wouldn’t be interested … the steering wheel is on the wrong side!!” I am always interested in screen shots, and understanding the workflow. How the OPOS drivers work with Navision, and any other cool features that the solution offers. Thanks for explaining the four modules. -john