Migrate already opened PO before cut-off

Before we cut-off there still some opened PO in the legacy system.

How can we migrate those not finished PO (in different status i.e. opened/recieved/invoiced) into the Ax ?

Invoiced is not an open PO. The creditors import will cover the invoice, and the stock import the remaining stock, so ignore those.

Then the question is volume. I prefer to enter these manually depending upon volume as it is data ownership and good training, however you can script them in as well.

The received elements depends upon how your client wants to account for GRNI at live, and whether you bring the import of stock in less the received then receive the part receipts in again, or just bring in the open amount and account for GRNI financially.

This should all have been defined in your data migration strategy and roll out - so if you have one for all of the other elements what was discussed for open purchase orders?

I try to enter it manually, but the PO was opened long time ago. Therefore, it is beyond the opened fiscal year.

enter it manually means open the screen and enter it ?

One of the first questions of the open migration is to ask for the oldest transaction as this defines the fiscal years you need to create. If you have not created them back far enough all you can do is enter it on your first date. However if it is that old I would query bringing it across at all, write it off in the legacy system - deal with it as you need to, don’t bring across old rubbish.