Microsoft's Point Of Sales Solution

Has anyone got any infos on Microsoft Point Of Sales Solution ? Can it easily be interfaced to Navision Attain ?


Originally posted by Tarek Demiati
Has anyone got any infos on Microsoft Point Of Sales Solution ?

MS-POS? I thought it is called MS-Exel [:D]. Because you can have numbers in columns. You can not do THAT with MS-Outlook.


Can it easily be interfaced to Navision Attain ?

Yes, Navision Attain and MS-Excel will work. Tarek, just kidding. Walter


Originally posted by walter@kirz just kidding.

Then you should stick to the “Break Space” forum. [;)] It’s actually a very interesting topic that Tarek brings up here. Have anyone of you experience with the MS POS? Or for that matter with the Solomon Project Solution.

We are also looking into a Microsoft POS solution for our business. Our Navision rep’s are currently investigating the possibilty of integrating MS POS to Navision, but I have yet to hear from them. I was told by a MS rep that it was possible to integrate MS POS into Navision. I know it currently integrates to some of the Great Plains software.

Suggest you check out

Infostore is good and already working in many places. It’s better than MS-POS cause it’s based on Navision Attain.

We are in the process of setting up a demo time for the MS POS package. I am told that by summertime there will be a GL Summary link to Navision. As for integrating or linking anything else, it is not possible at this time, BUT they have already interfaced it into some Great Plains software, so one could only assume that Navision is next in line. I will let you know how the demo goes.

Hey, am abit in a Hurry. I cant remember where but I have seen a POS Add-on in the listing! Check the Navision ftp site, (accessible to NSCs only), in the download area, there is a catalog of all registered addons. Ofcourse there are chances too that someone has done it and not rigistred it as an addon. All the best, Robert

Sandy, Just a quick update on your demo for POS…how did it go? If you guys are still in the market place, we actually have a pretty nice one called Go Pro that is actually built in Navision. I’ll be more than happy to set up a demo if you’re interested. Just let me know.

We have integrated MS RMS to Navision at the customer, sales order, invoice, payments, sales tax, etc… level. Martin is the one to contact for more information at

You can also check landsteinar, they have a very nice POS addon ( For example IKEA is working with their solution…

I know this a late posting! My brief exposure to retail and hospitality highlighted the following issues: if the customer wants an integrated solution then Navision coupled with inforstore or pluspos is a strong candidate. However the user interface for some of the other products in this sector is much more comfortable for the user with graphic displays and pictures. Such things can be critical for easue of use and implementation. You may consider how to use Navision as a backoffice solution with regular updates between POS and Financials! You could do this with SQL.

Microsoft Retail Management System can basically integrate with Navision. My technical has already implemented for one of my client. Compare to other POS system, I think MS RMS basically VALUE for MONEY…