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If a customer is on 3.70 (both dataabse and client) then obviously Microsoft won’t support this.

If the customer upgrades to at least V5 executables (client and server) then Microsoft will support this. Is this correct even though the database will be a 3.70 database opened with a V5 client but containing objects from 3.70.

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The bit at the very bottom is a mistake, it is not meant to be there. I am not answering my question but I can’t seem to be able to edit the original message.

The answer depends.

What kind of support are you talking about? Functional is not, but technical issues related to the executables will be supported.

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So, if there was a problem with functionality, let’s say Inventory, but it emerged that the objects where 3.70 Microsoft would not help and recommend an upgrade of the objects to V5. Whereas, if the objects were also V5 then Microsoft would happily assist.

Also, compatability issues. Is it true to say that it is the version of the executables NOT the database version that could cause an issue say with Vista?

Is the above correct?


In simple terms NO this is not correct.

I had a rather heated debate with Microsoft over this. A was working for a partner to help with a clien they had. The client was on 3.70/3.70 and were having serious performance issues. I needed to add some FINDSET commands, plus tune a number of keys. So I told the client that we shoud upgrade the executables to 4.00 SP3 5.00 was not available in their country at that time).

The clinet checked this with MS, who were addamant that if the client ran a mixed mode that MS would no longer support them. I contacted MS, and asked if that meant they would support 3.70. They said no they wont. So in effect they wont support 3.70/3.70 nor 3.70/4.00, so my arguement was that since they have no support anyway lets get as new as we can. But MS continued to argue that runnign differnet objects to the executable was not supported, and the client must do a full upgrade.

So the outcome is that MS wont support you like this. BUT of course if you do have the latest executables, I guess you could just neglect to tell them the Objects you are on.

Damn… That sucks for you David. What country were you working at where you got the MS cold shoulder?

Anywho, yes, Microsoft will support the executables. So this means if say version 4.0 SP3 executables had problems (i.e. crashes unexpectedly), they would continue to release patches for it. Same goes for functional aspects of the database. If there is an inventory costing problem in version 5.0 AND you’re able to reproduce the problem in standard CRONUS databse, they will reelase fixes and service packs to address them.

If you’re still using version 3.7, and there’s an inventory costing issue, Microsoft will ask you to a functional upgrade first.

Yes, you can upgrade the executables to version 5.0 and keep the database at 3.7. Only the executables are considered when looking at compatibilty problems with Vista. So if the 5.0 executables crashs on Vista AND you’re able to reproduce in CRONUS, you can send the problem to Microsoft and they’ll provide an answer on what you need to do.

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You guys are the business! [:D]