Microsoft Shared Fax vs. Navision 3.70

We are running SBS 2000 w/ Shared Fax installed, and whenever we try to send a fax (via a print driver) from Navision it “locks” up both the Fax Wizard and Navision (at the print dialog box). It looks like the two programs are fighting to be the “active” program. Both program windows “dim” the title bars and if you click on either window it will turn it to active and then inactive. The Shared Fax works perfect in any other program on our NT or XP Workstations. Has anyone else had any experience with this?

Yep! See here:,report,print Basically, the trick is to set the Report Property ShowPrintStatus to No.

3.70B fixes this problem with the fax dialog not getting focus.

Glad to know that. Thanks, Robert.

PERFECT! Changed the show print status to NO and report properties and BAM! it worked. Thank you very much.

Hi Does this also work for Citrix Metframes? Regards Jörg

SBS Fax services can be shared with other users. Citrix doesn’t matter.