Microsoft Scuttles Plans for Standalone MBF

Microsoft Scuttles Plans for Standalone Microsoft Business Framework,2180,1875024,00.asp

I am disapointed by this, but am sitting here thinking “is this good news or bad news”. Or to put it in a different perspective, who is this good for, and who is it bad for. Most of you know that I am very much in favour of selling the product we have now, delivering solid reliable products, and having happy customers. With current products provided by Microsoft we are able to do this. I think no doubt that if you are a new customer, that does not YET have an MBS product, then you may think that the MBF foundation is what you want. But if you have already invested in one of the core MBS products, then this new news would be a ray of sun shine, since it would show a more progressive upgrade path. Of course the article is very vaige, but I am reading between the lines there that MS are going back to their original plan of a more progressive functionality merge, by giving all the products similar funtionality. For existing clients this has to be good news. For NSCs it means that your competitive edge of years of Navision Axapta Great Plains etc. means that you will be in a stronger position, than the upstart company that moves in saying “well its all open source MBF, you can do development in house”, So for the NSCs it is good news. For new customers it means that you are still buing from a solid established firm that knows their product, AND you are now going to get the functionality offers from all products, AND you will get .net front end abilities, and all the technology that is to come. But if you are a freelancer, and were looking towards the day of open development environments, where you can work and help sort out the disasters created by fly by nighters, then to you this is probably bad new, since it looks like we are going to get a more stable environment with out this huge techno jump that we have be expecting. So in summary … !!! wait … I’m a freelancer, This is BAD news !!! What am I saying. noooooooo bring back MBF !!! Just kidding. THere was some post some months back about should we rush out and learn every new MS technolog, or should we learn what is there now and sell that. I still think that we should leave the marketing and product planning to MS, and let get on wth our job of selling what we know and creating a happy NAVISION customer base…

I also fell this is, in general, good news for the existing MBS customer base. All the talk around Project Green made it seem like we were going to take a huge jump. Something like going from DOS to Vista in only 2 years. And that’s scary. Of course, I doubt if Microsoft ever really knew (or knows) exactly what they are trying to achieve on the ERP front. It’s still an area they are just starting. For now, I agree they made the right decision by commiting themselves to futher support and improve the existing products (most of them purchased). That will give them time to sort things out and pinpoint their goals. Meanwhile (we) the customers can rest assured the existing solutions are here to stay. This was already their initial idea, of course, and they made it very clear from the beginning. But still, the 2007 (or was it 2006?) time frame for releasing a first version of MBF/Green was too early. That’s what made me have mixed feelings about it. This new strategy looks a lot safer and smoother and it just feels better.

I’m not suprised at all. It was just a matter of time before MS understood that it takes quite some time to lanch a new ERP-solution. Navision has just reached maturity after nearly 10 years on the market… The original plan 2007 for Green was not trustworthy at all if we are talking about something actually useful for a customer. At best they would have been able to release some core technology. But something actually working? Don’t hink so. I think it is really good news that they put more effort in the existing products (working for an NSC as i am…). Existing customers feel more safe with their allready made decision and potentially new customers can go for Navision or Axapta knowing that they made a good choice


Navision has just reached maturity after nearly 10 years on the market…

More like 20 years actually, Navision was launched in '87 and before that there was PC Plus…, but, hey, that just underlines your point.

I was thinking of Financials (and all other names it has had) but you’re right. That is in very much an evolution from the text based version.

Actually I am scared by reading this article. I think everybody remember this nice diagram from the MBF presentation that was describing 4 levels where Microsoft was responsible for MBF and 1st and 2nd tire ISV for ERP solutions. Everybody remembers that Microsoft signed 14 1st tire ISVs to develop there products based on MBF (Adonix, Scala…) What have happened with this? What these 14 companies are really doing? – Most of them still use .Net as base development platform. But they do not need and can not wait for MBF. Before everything was clear and easy: Microsoft Develops MBF and sells it trough network of partners. “Project Green” was just an insurance that as minimum 1 solution based on MBF will exist on the market and partners will have something to sell. Now Microsoft has decided to sell different products: Windows Workflow Foundation, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), Common Data Platform (CDP); No one of them belongs to MBS. The question is Why??? I would say that Microsoft showld sell MBS – maybe even by piece. It was profitable companies and now it is loosing money business unit. They just do not need it any more and it is not Microsoft business to provide end customer business applications and services.

Hey Val, I didn’t know about this agreement, I am guessing it was public, do you have any futher information? I agree it does shine a different light on the issue.

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