Microsoft Outlook

Hello, Can anyone tell me how to send an E-mail adress from Navision to Microsoft OutLook? I mannaged to send the Subject(line 4) And the Body(line 5), that worked. Line 6 however doesn’t work. Why Not? How can I solve this problem? 1 CLEARALL; 2 CREATE(gaut_OutlookApplication); 3 aut_OutlookMailItem := aut_OutlookApplication.CreateItem(0); 4 aut_OutlookMailItem.Subject := Subject; 5 aut_OutlookMailItem.Body := Remarks; 6 aut_OutlookMailItem.Recipients := Email; 7 aut_OutlookMailItem.Display; → the data-type of the variable ‘Email’ is Text, just like ‘Subject’ and ‘Remarks’. Please help me!

Take a look at codeunit 397 in standard navision financials, it’s already implemented there /Lars

Thanks for this tip! However, it is not very usefull. The case is that I realy want to connect Navision to Outlook myself. Apart from the e-mail adress everything works. I think I need to know something about return values of Microsoft Outlook. About codeunit 397: When I use thisone, The wizzard Internet connection starts.

You should use: aut_OutlookMailItem.“To” := Contact.“E-mail”

Thank you! It worked (finaly!).