Microsoft Outlook

Hello, Can anyone tell me how to send an E-mail adress from Navision to Microsoft OutLook? I mannaged to send the Subject(line 4) And the Body(line 5), that worked. Line 6 however doesn’t work. Why Not? How can I solve this problem? 1 CLEARALL; 2 CREATE(gaut_OutlookApplication); 3 aut_OutlookMailItem := aut_OutlookApplication.CreateItem(0); 4 aut_OutlookMailItem.Subject := Subject; 5 aut_OutlookMailItem.Body := Remarks; 6 aut_OutlookMailItem.Recipients := Email; 7 aut_OutlookMailItem.Display; → the data-type of the variable ‘Email’ is Text, just like ‘Subject’ and ‘Remarks’. Please help me!

Have you tried the mail codeunit (Codeunit 397)? It works fine with Outlook and Notes Mail and is very easy to use. The syntax is something like Codeunit_mail.newMessage(Email,CCName,Subject,Body,Attachfilename,Opendialog); Regards Gudmundur Petursson

For the record: line 6 should be: aut_OutlookMailItem.“To” :=’[Email-adres]’;