microsoft navision certification

hi, As we know, to be certified either in financials or manufacturing we need to qualify in few exams. Say manufacturing certification,we need to qualify in overview,essentials,manufacturing prequalification and manufacturing exams. Do i need to appear for the above mentioned exams in the same sequence or can i qualify in manufacturing exam first, then qualify in prequalification and then in essentials?. thanks. venumal

Hi Venumal, I think MBS would prefer you to pass them in sequence. However, having said that, you could still pass Manufacturing first then the Pre-qualifications.

Hi Venumal, Do you know any centers in India conduct these exams. Thanks Anuchandran

Hi Anuc, You could visit the website and look for IT Certification on Microsoft Business Solutions , and the the State. Hope this helps. Other wise do let me know. Cheers navi_mbs

Hi Guys, This topic has been discussed over and over again in this forum. Please try to read the Old Topics so you can get all the views and comments.

All VUE centres are not active as you see the list on the site. may be you have to contact personally.