Microsoft NAV and AX

I heard and also noticed that Microsoft concentrates more on AX than NAV. AX has better and more clear documentation not to mention AX has the book from Microsoft press which NAV don’t have. NAV releases always have some bugs , which AX don’t have. AX has more out-of-the-box functionalities than NAV has.

Question is why is it?

Basically this is not really a true statement. Firstly since NAV globally sells vastly more than AX, I can’t see why you would say that, unless its maybe just in your specific region.

Its important to know though that the products had a similar histroy, but eveolved somewhat differently. Its very important to understand the clients needs and deliver them the correct solution. You can’t simply say that one product is better than the other.

“Nav releases always have bugs, which AX don’t have”

You have not seen the version 4 from version 3 issues for AX then. That statement really is pure fantasy!!

Or maybe he means EXACTLY what he said “Nav releases always have bugs, which AX don’t have” I mean why would AX be released with NAV bugs surely AX has it’s own bugs which are quite different to NAV bugs.

This is not actually what i meant…:), may be my statement presents that. I also don’t mean that AX have no bugs (its own bugs) at all. I am sorry for the wrong statement. But still the answer of my question is not so clear. What i understood uptill now is that no one (AX and NAV) better than each other. right?

AX has a lot more funtionality, therefore a lot more setup and therefore a lot more cost from a service and implementation perspective.

Ultimately David’s comment is right, you need to choose the best product for the business, on the best criteria, whether budget, functionality etc, I would also add one of the most important elements in a successful implementation, apart form the customers committment, is the partner and the staff, so once you find the right product make sure you find the right partner!

Thanks for both of you!!

Dear all of you,

We are a software company in Viet Nam.

MS Dynamics is an ERP solution with a reasonable price for our country.

But we are very disturbed about the product in MS Dynamics (GP, AX, NAV, SL)

Average cost for 1 ERP solutions in Viet Nam is 30 000 USD

The industry will be retail, construction, distribution, food

Do you have any suggestions for us?

Thanks for your support.


Is there a question in there? What are you asking?

Should we choose Microsoft NAV or AX or GP or SL ?

Thank for your soon reply.


You should chose the product that best fits your needs.

May be I make you lose time but I’m new in this field.

I do not know where to start to compare aspects of each product in Microsoft Dynamics. They almost nearly identical.


The place to start is by looking at the needs of your client.

And they are far from identical [:D]

Talk to Microsoft, they will help you for your experince, skill set and market. However no matter which one or more you end up with, David’s comment is still extremely valid.