Microsoft Mail Local Fax

Hi, Im running a customised report that faxes Customer Statements but i keep getting an error message [B)]: “The call to member SendFax failed. Microsoft Word returned the following message: Microsoft Mail Local Fax is not installed on your system.” I thought i installed this when i added a Fax option through the Printers and Faxes settings? Any help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated (if you need any more info. on what i have done plz let me know). Im running WinXP Prof. and am using MBS Nav 3.7. Thanks Jonathan

What Version of Word are you using???

Microsoft Office 2003

i think your fax-service on Word 2003 is not configured. open word, go to File → send to → fax (e.g.) an configure this service…

i used the: File > Send-To > Receipient using a Fax modem to initiate the wizard and configure accordingly. But it still doesnt work… do i need to register with an internet fax service provider and use the: File > Send-To > Receipient using Internet Fax Service

can you send a fax out of Word? If not i think you have not the permission set up in Outlook to send a fax. Look for “Permissions outlook” in the forums

i searched the forums for “Permissions outlook” but only came up with my posting? Whereabouts do i set the permissions in outlook?

can you send me an example fob ?

Hi, You must create new fax transport account: Go to Tools → Options… → E-mail Accounts… (Mail Setup tab). Select “Add a new e-mail account”, press Next and select Additional Server Types. Note: if you use one MS Exchange Server for e-mail and faxing and e-mail account is already installed, then press “View or change existing e-mail accounts”. Choose “additional server types” Choose “Fax Mail transport.” Close otlook In Windows click Start → Run… Type ‘regedit’ (w/o quotes) and OK. Registry editor appears. Expand the following keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → Microsoft. Go to Edit → New → Key and type ‘At Work Fax’ (no spaces, w/o quotes). Do not add any values to the key. Close Registry Editor. Hope this helps

I added that Fax Mail Transport account and that Registry Key… …just out of interest sake, whats that registry key used for?.. then i attempted to run the report. It seems as though it works as i found the statement i was trying to fax in my outbox of my Fax Console. Therefore, it seems as though the Navision side of the deal is functioning. Thanks.