Microsoft Flow for NAV on prem

Does anyone have any pointers for setting up Microsoft Flow connecting to NAV, our current OData feeds are:

Aehhmm, did you try to google : “microsoft flow and dynamics nav”??? The first 3 links links on google is to youtube videos and the following links are to Microsoft Sites explaining how to do the setup.

Hi Palle, what you are referring to I have read, however I didn’t see anything that showed how to make this work for NAV on prem where the server web services are just internal addresses

OK…You where only throwing out one line of text and one line of URL-link and not more more than that.

So if your question is vague, then you are most likely also to get a vague answer :wink:

Flow is an ONLINE service and therefore it does not work with a local-address. So you have to setup your system so it works with a public address - just like setting up a normal web client.

Hi Palle, that’s what I am asking, is there any guidance for setting this up as a public address for the web client??

Hi DanGrist

if you don’t know how to do do it, then don’t try!. It is a matter of security configurations and that is something you have to be trained in. If you do it wrong, then outsiders will have easy access to your Financial and sales data.

Just to give you an idea of the complexity, a few links:–install-the-web-server-components and

-You need a certificate
-Create a New webservice
-Create a new iis
-Open some new ports in the firewall
-Create new users in the Users table
-Create web-application-password

And more…

Again, if it is for a live data environment, then get the paid service from a Microsoft partner.

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