Microsoft Fax Server

Has anyone had any experience in integrating this product into Navision. We’ve got ZetaFax to work - but have no experience with Fax Server

yes, I have a little experience with the zeta-fax . the only thing i’ve done is sending a report automaticly to a number. To do so you have to put a “%%[to:003251313630]” in front of your report and a “%%[send]” at the ending. Then send the report to the Zetaprinter and the zetafax won’t ask you a number to send to … he’ll use the number after the %%[to: But i also have a problem : in the overview of zetafax there is no name recipient known; i would also like to send the name (not only the number) to zetafax) Can someone help me with that ? Thanks Tom

What about DAVID or FAXWARE from the famous german software developer TOBIT? I’m doing almost everything with it: Sending order confirmations via fax, the Order-ready-for-delivery-Information via Mail or SMS. I can also let DAVID dial the Debitor’s phoneno. by pressing a button next to the number. For further information read and think of it. Peter