We are facing the following problem in our ERP implementation. Company: JASH Module: General Ledger. We found that the data in the in table Ledger Journal Trans and LedgerBalanceDimTrans was duplicated due to some unknown reasons. Then we had executed a ForceDBSynchronization Job and RemoveDataDuplicacyJob. This has removed the data duplicacy but it has affected the JournalVoucher form and ChartOfAccountDetails form. These forms are not displaying the records properly. This has also affected the Trial Balance Report. The code for the following two jobs is given below: Job: Database Synchronization static void forceDbSynchronize(Args _args) { Dictionary dict; int idx, lastIdx, totalTables; TableId tableId; Application application; SysOperationProgress progress; StackBase errorStack; ErrorTxt errorTxt; ; application = new Application(); dict = new Dictionary(); totalTables = dict.tableCnt(); progress = new SysOperationProgress(); progress.setTotal(totalTables); progress.setCaption("@SYS90206"); errorStack = new StackBase(Types::String); lastIdx = 0; try { for (idx = lastIdx+1; idx