Microsoft Dynamics Payment Services Issues

Hi, I’m trying to setup the Microsoft Dynamics Payment services and I think there is something wrong with it. For example, I went to Administration > Configuration (under Bank) and activated Credit Card.

Now, based on the white paper called Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Credit Card processor, this should be sufficient to have all the features available. However, this is not true as I had to create a new drop down list control to get the credit card number though the creditcardlookup form in the AOT.

I basically had to create the llokup method and everything else manually. Now, I cannot figure out how to pre-authorize a credit card. I notice that there is a method on SalesTable called enableCreditCardMenuItems(), and I know realize that the salestable.creditcardcustrefid field is not being updated when I perform the creditcardlookup in the sales table.

Is there any technical documentation about this yet? I just need to have some examples with code and data to understand the relationship between the tables. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

How did you figure this out?