Microsoft Dynamics Navision Certification - I dont know where to start, Can anyone help?


For the past 2 years I have been working with Navision 2009, my role is to administrate the system such as updating details - customers, vendors, users etc. Plus some other back ground stuff which my manager trained me on how to do.

We will soon be upgrading the system to Navision 2013. My role is to become more involved , support etc. and I would like to gain training in this. I have tried to look online for training courses to gain the certification but I am at a loss (more confused) of what exactly I would need or what to do to. I would like to know the functionality of everything that includes the front end user plus for someone such as myself. I know this is a lot but my company have asked for me to find the details and they will support me so I am keen to gain this information to pass on to them.

I also know that this will be good for me personally to learn as it will help in anything for my future.

Sorry if I have asked the above in the forum, its my first post :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


Kelly x