Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner Briefing

Did anyone attend this session? If so any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner Briefing
Time: Monday, July 10, 12:00pm–6:00pm
Location: Hyatt Regency Boston, Grand Ballroom, One Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, MA 02111

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner Briefing will give existing Dynamics NAV partners a look into the future with a preview of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0. The briefing will also include sessions aimed at helping partners become more productive, maintain a strong Dynamics NAV 4.0 business, and how to partner even better with Microsoft. This partner briefing is one more step in the Dynamics NAV team’s goal to improve our partner satisfaction and strengthen our partner relationships today and into the future.

So did no one here attend this?

I think some of our guys did, you looking for anything in particular? I’ll try and tap them up.

I just want to know what it was all about.

The guys that went are now at the one in , so I can’t really find out that much info.

I’ll try and grab them when they get back.

Mental note: Must aspire to get the role of “Travel around the world to Partner Conferences and nothing else”

I think you needto move into “Sales”.