Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express for Russia

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By coincidence I heared from an official NAV version called NAV Express which should be government approved for Russia. Unfortunately I could not find much information about it. Does anyone know something about this product? I wonder which are the differences between NAV 5.00 SP1 RU and NAV Express.

This is what I found about NAV express. It looks like this is an official Microsoft product:

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Hi Felix,

First question - do you speak Russian?

If yes, the page you provided (yes, it IS official MS site, Russian localisation) contains Дополнительная информация (additional info) at the right side, some PDFs there explain all.

But it seems that you don’t, and you got there thru Google and are stuck not understanding a single word, then here is a “overview” for you (I’m “born in the USSR” [:)], so I speak Russian as native speaker)

The site is about all Dynamics series products for Russia (this is “home”, looks as all MS Dynamics sites, only written in “unreadable” cyrillic alphabet)

Many countries offer some kind of localised EXPRESS Navision package - usually at lower price than standart, but max user count is limited, for small businesses. This NAV EXPRESS RU is just such a product.

But, as in Russia there are very strict legal requirements for ERP systems, plus very strong localising team at Microsoft Russia, localised Navision RU contains out of the box almost everything, which we in other countries must buy as AddOn’s - HR management, Payroll with all imaginable methods of calculating salaries/wages, specific Sales & Purchases handling, Inventory with Customs control if you do international business - in one word, everything government and their IRS (always working side by side with Economical police) may require.

This all changes frequently, the same team updates NAV quickly to conform with new legislation. It should be easy to work as an implementer there, as there is no much room for mods left [:)] Actually I’ve played a little bit with RU version -well, not with this express one- it really contains almost everything.

To resume - what you found, was an special offer from midsummer to Dec 20th last year, 35% discount and benefits in implementation - that’s why all those red labels and exclamation marks, it wasn’t because of product itself being somehow unique and especially different from NAV 5.00 SP1 RU.

Hello Modris,

Thank you for your answer. No I don’t speak Russian is just copied the information to Google translator but still didn’t understand everything…

So the products is basically based on NAV 5.00 SP1 RU but as a special implementation template for the Russian market (or maybe rather Russian government)?

By the way, I heared from Microsoft, that the special offer has been extended until January 31th.

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It IS standart Navision, EXPRESS is a marketing name only, difference is only in max user count. This offer is aimed to smaller companies to switch them from other ERPs to Navision, thus smaller price. When they outgrow user count and/or functionality included, they buy “normal” license at full price.

There is no need for some implementation templates - you can use it “out of box”, of course, company’s own startup data must be entered, but all settings are “preset” as Russian legislation requires, but that refers to “normal” Navision RU, too.
Accounting in Russia is very tricky thing - they haven’t gone far from USSR times, it’s mainly oriented to maximum control of all bookkeeping & tax calculations, rather than company’s business processes management - all this to make life easy for their Federal Tax Service (aka IRS) and very hard to their accountants & company’s management.