Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Outlook Synchronization - Connection Timeout Error

Outlook Synchronization Timeout Issue:

Running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 in a three tier environmen:

  • Application server
  • SQL Database Server
  • Clients

Outlook synchronization has been installed, NAS has been installed and running. In Outlook, Connection connects perfectly, but when I go to Synch I get the following error:

A Microsoft Dynamics NAV Synchronization Add-In Error Occurred
The response from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Has not been received because of connection timeout. Please check if the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is running and try again later. If the problem persists increase the timeout value in the configuration file. Please contact your system administrator.


  • Uninstalled/re-installed Outlook Synch
  • Uninstalled/re-installed NAS
  • Checked Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is running ā€“ it is!
  • Increased the timeout value in the configuration file

I have literally tried everything that I can think of, looking for a little help.


What is the NAS running for you (I assume you are letting the Job scheduler run Codeunit 448)?

Are you testing this on one machine or are you running it on a server and have the NAS on a stand alone machine or how is it setup?

Iā€™m sorry, I guess I do not understand your first question. I am fairly new when it comes to the Outlook Synchronization portion of NAV 2009, so I will answer to the best of my abilities.

I originally had NAS setup with a startup parameter of OSYNCH, but recently change to JOBQUEU through some advice that I got on another forum.

I currently have it setup with the NAS running on a different Server due to some hangups on the Application Server as well as having the same exact error when I had the NAS running on there.

Thanks ā€“ Jesse