Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Email Setup

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I am trying to setup an email batch processing in MS Dynamics AX 2009, the following steps has been performed:

  1. Add Users to MS Dynamics AX 2009, and add user relations for them, in the Contact Information I set the Email of each user there, also I added the email address in each user options profile.
  2. I Created two new Batch Jobs from (Basic → Periodic → Batch → Due Date Alerts & Changed Base Alerts), and two jobs were created in the Batch Job Inquiry Form. (And the Alerts are working perfectly)
  3. I setup the Email Parameters from Adminitstration – > Setup → Email Parameters
  4. I Setup The Email Template from (Basic → Setup–> Alerts → Alert Parameters)
  5. I Created another new batch for Email Processing from Adminitration → Periodic → Email Batch Processing.
  6. Create New Alert Rule that when a new employee is created in the system, an alert will be fired to the System Administrator.

The Alert is working with all its features,I want this alert to be sent by email to the administartor email which is setup on his User and User Options Profile.

My main problem is that the email is in the Email Sending Status Form (Administration -->Periodic → Email Processing–>Email Sending Status) is inserted with the status waiting, after 2 retries the status is changed to Failed

I thought that the SMTP Server was blocking my messages, or there is some errors in my Settings, So I developed a new VB.NET application that sends email using the same credentials and settings setup in MS Dynamics AX, the email was sent with no obstecles,

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pls anyone help me…

am also facing the same pblm

Please try sending a test mail using a job using SysMailer class - this will validate the SMTP setup that is there in Email Parameters.

It sounds like your email settings are incorrect. Just do what Sanjivkumar said and/or put a breakpoint in the run method of the SysEmailDistributor class and run it manuall (non-batch) and see where the error is.

If you not familiar with the back end. you can try this.

1.0 Check your email setup at the AX

1.1 go to tools>option, click the email button beside the email column and try to send a test mail to yourself.

2.0 Check the batch email distributor batch setup

2.1 go to Administrator>email processing>batch

2.2 click on the recurrence and check the setting

2.3 then click ok

2.4 go back to the email sending status and check the email is send or not.

that what i did last time.


Check if the Outgoing mail server and SMTP port number has been configured with correct value.

For more information, pl refer to the following link :



Hello Anitha,

Thank you for your reply,

This is an old post, I was facing a problem and I did not know what to do,

My solution to this problem was that the Outgoing mail server address was wrong, my client provided me with other Outgoing mail server address, then I checked the SMTP address for their domain, and I figured out that it was totally different.

Your response to my problem was highly appreciated,

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Mohammed Khatib

i m also facing same problem kindly help