Microsoft AX Invoice Posing error

Hi All
Could you please give to me below 3 error solution. when i posting the invoice journal, viewing below error,

  1. Voucher AI-VI13/14_000000001, date 18/06/2013, account 211000, transaction currency amount -10.00, accounting currency amount -10.00, reporting currency amount -1,000.00, currency INR, text text

  2. 1Voucher AI-VI13/14_000000001, date 18/06/2013, account 601450, transaction currency amount 10.00, accounting currency amount 10.00, reporting currency amount 0.10, currency INR, text text

  3. The transactions on voucher AI-VI13/14_000000001 do not balance as per 18/06/2013. (Accounting currency: 0.00 - reporting currency: -999.90)

Please post the solution as soon as possible.