Microsoft AX 2009 Pay Expenses

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could tell me how do I pay employee expenses in AX. I have already transferred the expenses from the expense report details and from the general journal as well, but now how do I go about paying them?



How are you treating your employee in system? Either they should be created as Vendor or Financial Dimension.

I will suggest you to create employees as vendor. When you book expenses, expense a/c will be dr to Employee and when you are paying your employee say through check then Employee a/c will be dr to bank.

Create a separate posting for employee types of vendor.


I have them as vendors, so do I have to make a payment journal? Or is there a button somewhere that I can press that automatically pays the expenses.

There is no such button. You need to use payment journal or general journal and must settle the transactions at the time of payment.