MICR check printing needed for 3.7

We are looking for add-on that would allow to print MICR checks in Navision 3.7 Please contact me if you have it, we are ready to buy. Thanks

I just went out and purchased a MICR font (a good one will come with a calibration tool), a MICR toner cartridge and made a few small changes to the check report and POOF

LaserNet has an MICR module in its products suite - please visit www.efstech.com and read further.

I went and got a nice add-on from this company that allows you to choose what type of MICR information will print on the check. They have a website that you may want to quickly see www.abcsi.com/Enhancements.html Select the 1st line I believe ABC010 it should give you more information about the add-on. Just order blank paper stock, It will print the company your in and the bank card your using. Good luck with your hunt. Geovanny

Morning All: No need to purchase any add-on. You can develop this yourself within Navision. I have used a modification now since v2.6 that allows navision to print MICR checks in 3 formats (Remit/Check, Remit/Check/ Remit, Remit/Remit/Check). If anyone needs the MICR font, please email me or whats to discuss further. Thanks, Steve

Hello All: No need to purchase any add-on. The MICR font is available free and you can develop a very simple modification to Navision to process MICR checks. I have one that I’ve been using since v2.6. I’ve also creates 3 different kinds of MICR check formats. If anyone needs the font, please email or wants to discuss further. Thanks, Steve