MICR check format

I am printing an MICR check and the MICR portion my print at a very exact location near the bottom of the check. If I resize the check bigger (check body) the fields drift up, if I resize it smaller they drift down but, it always prints the MICR portion exactly 1 line to high. Margins are set to 0. I seem to remember there is a trick to this but, have forgotten it. Any tips?

Navision US used to have standard objects available for MICR check printing. Try contacting them (or your NSC if you are an end user) about these.

Hi, Check the Section property of Footer.It must be set as PlaceatBottom.

The PlaceAtBottem is = Yes. The section does indeed print on the bottom. The problem is the last line will not seem to move further down no matter if I increase the size of the section or not. MICR is really not an issue with this check. It’s really just a formating problem. I need to know how to get the system to print 1 line lower.

Hi Jammie, We sell this enhancement - see http://www.abcsi.com/En-ABC010.html . Send me an e-mail off-line with the details to eav@abcsi.com, and I will ask the developer who did it when he is back in tho ffice next Tuesday to see if he can figure it out. Regards, Ed