MFG - Prioritization of Production Orders / Items

Hello, Was wondering if anyone has any ideas how to get Navision’s Planning mechanism (MFG - PLanning Worksheet) to suggest Inventory Items to produce based on priority? Example: Item X & Y are both on schedule to produce today (Tuesday), however Item X is produced better (for whatever reason) on Tuesdays versus Wednesdays so I’ll produce X First then Y. Anyone use the “Critical” flag? How does that effect planning? Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to provide. Dez [8D]

Hi There is no way to prioritise items based upon whether they are better produced on a certain day than others within the standard software. With regards to the critical flag this only relates to components of BOM’s. If you load a parent item on the sales order (assuming you do not have stock) and the component item is also out of stock this will affect the capability to promise as you have to buy/make the component. If the component is flagged as critical then you can run the capability to promise function and get expected dates, however if the component is not critical it assumes you are not monitoring the item closely and therefore does not allow the system to perform the capable to promise function and suggest dates.