MFG - Finished Prod. Order - Changing Production Cost on Adjust Cost Batch Job


Item No. A1234, Costing Method : Standard, Standard Cost of say 100, is a MFG Item and has a production bom attached to it which consists of Items with costing method Average.

As we know Average cost of an Item keeps changing when a transaction is posted.

On a Finished Production order for item A1234 the Actual Cost ( Staticitics Window ) also changes when the Adjust Cost Item Entries batch job is run.

Why should the Actual Cost of a finished production order change ? on 2nd Aug 2006 the Actual Cost was eg. 500 after purchasing some items from the production bom of item A1234 at a different cast the Actual Cost changes to say 600. I dont understand why should this happen.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks in advance

Does the actual cost alter on the ledger entry of the output - it maybe an F9 issue, what version are you running?

I am running version 4.00 SP1, I dont think the cost on the output will change as the item is a Standard Cost Item.

The Costing Method of the components being used to manufacture is Average and changes everytime a purchase is posted at a different cost. This in turn changes the Actual Cost of the Finished Production Order on Production Order Statistic window after the Adjust Cost Item Entries batch is run.

I am not great at Manufacturing, so looking for help.


If the cost of the output is not altering you are okay, this will mean it is just a bug in the F9 statistics screen, unless the field you are looking at should report the “actual cost” then of course it is correct!

Hi Vshal, Could you kindly share your experience on solving this problem with us? I met the same problems, Thanks a lot!

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