Method 'item' in COM object of class 'Range' returned error code 0x800A01A8 (<unknown>) which means: <unknown>.


I am trying to read an Excel that has .xslx extension (2013 excel version) from a 2012 R3Cu12 dev environment. It is reading the very first line and updating the AX table as expected. However, when it hits the line of code



// AX… update code

type = cells.item(row+1, 1).value().variantType(); // this is the line where it is throwing the error.
cntrj = cntrj+1;
while (type != COMVariantType::VT_EMPTY);

It is throwing the above error that is in the Subject line.

Am I missing something here?



Never mind. I had put application.quit(); while debugging the code and I forgot to delete that and that was causing the issue. It works now.