Metaframe and Navision 2.6F

On rare occations, users log into navision from metaframe and all menu buttons are disabled (mouse only). They can still use hot keys but, it’s really a hassle for them. Has anyone else seen this. If so, any fixes?

Call the Lone Gunmen, they’ll know!

You asked by e-mail who the Lone Gunmen where. The Lone Gunmen is a group of 3 who help Mulder find the truth. If they don’t know the answer to you question, there is no answer.


I can’t tell if you are just kidding me or what so, I will ask you straight out: I need some help on this subject and if these people really exist, can you please give me a way to contact them. My thanks are yours if you can. On the other hand if you are just giving me a hard time, please stop!

In this case… Asking the lone gunmen should be read as, very strange and this should not happen. But here is a couple of thing you can do, but I think you have already done them… - Meta Frame. Check the Metaframe forums. Download the latest version of metaframe. - Navision. Check if it isn’t wrongly programmed code. Check if it isn’t a user setup option. Ask you local NRC if they could make a test on a higher Navision version. Upgrade to a higher version of Navision Technicaly. (So keep you database on your current version, but update server and client sowftware) Work around, Let users login again if the problem occurs. Maybe you can think of some other things to check. Good luck!