Message Queue Problem with User Portals

We have tried installing User Portals on a Win2K server. But I am getting the following error message. MSMQMessage(0xC00E0050) Transaction Usage is invalid /Factory/Default.asp Line 61 The private queues navisiondocuments and navisiondocumentsresp are transactional so I am confused. The specs for the system are Win2K server, IIS etc all meet the requirements.

Its OK its my fault. The private queues should be set up as not transactional. Then it all goes OK.

on first start, UPAS creates two private queues. you should make them public. that’s written in the installation guide. however, in user portal service pack 2, message queue is no longer used. named pipes are used instead of it.

Strange, the version of the manual we have says you have to manually set up the queues and that they should be Private. I presume there is a later version of the manual that comes with the service pack - because the Development guide we are working off say it is ‘Obsolete 1st April 2001’! I will check to see if anyone has updated manuals

Doe’s any one knows why they are changing to Named pipes instead of message Queue? What are the big different? Product Manager