Message in Different Language

We need to show message in Japanese language for users in Japan and in English in US. We created Text Constant with different languages but it does not work. It always shows in English…
Somehow we can not choose Japanese language even so we have purchase Japanese language granule and it is in the license.

First thought: does your client folder (in Program Files) have a JPN folder, likewise ENU folder?

Next: can you select the Japanese language from Tools > Language?

We cant select JPN language. What do we need for this?

you need to import Japanese language granule to nav.

open the Object Designer, and then click “Tools->Language Module->Import…”, it is a *flm file.

actually i could not find it… Does it exist?

Hi Valentin,

As you wrote

I was wondering what you meant with that and therefor asked …

So your reply …

… means you can select it. You need to select that so that the application will show JPN (i.e, Japanse) message texts!

My other question (first thought) …

… is actually answered as you can select JPN language from Tools > Language. Having a JPN folder is one of requirements to be able to select the JPN application language.

Hi Val,

It would help to know which client you are talking about.

But let me sum up.

The first requirement to be able to select Japanese language is that you have purchased it. Just acquiring the granule allowing you to use Japanese doesn’t give you the language. And Microsoft doesn’t produce a Japanese language layer for Navision. So you have to contact on of the Japanese partners who have a Japanese language layer. I think that both Tectura and PBC have one.

The language layer consists of two parts. One part is the part Chen talks about. This must be imported into your objects. But please notice that this only works on standard fields and forms. You need to translate your own modifications and new objects.

The other part is what Luc talks about. This is the one making the standard menu’s etc. show in the language. This JPN directory must be installed in the same directory as you have the ENU directory.

At least that’s when we talk about the classic client.

When we talk about the RTC client, then the Japanese directory must be installed both to the RTC client and the NAV service server directory.

Thank you Luc and Eric,

We just copied ENU directory as JPN and everything works now. Apparently you do not need to import language layer if you need only few messages to be shown in other language.

True and that’s exaclty what I meant. Thanx Erik for clarifying.

Great that you’re helped. Valentin.