message box when user login

is there anyway to show a message box or info when the user open the ax?

Thanks in advance…

Hi Ven,

Open Info class and modify the startupPost method.

hi raj i dont know the logic exactly to do this.

can you please help me to write the logic.?

i got the solution in another way…:slight_smile:

Hi ven,

Can you please post in what way u achieved that?



Dont´t know if this is the way he achieved this, but you can enter a message on the configuration in the configuration manager that pops up everytime a user starts up a client with this configuration.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration Utility → Genereal Tab → Field “Startup Message”

hi ramya,

i have written th efollowing code in classes—> Info class—> StartUpPost method.

void startupPost()
UserInfo UserInfo;
select Name from UserInfo where;
info('Welcome to ';