Does anyone know the physical limit to a message box caption? I have specific messages that need to display depending on the profitablility input in the sales line. We used a form to display these previously, but due to a conflict on other business processes and with the form.runmodal errors we had to stop. [xx(] I am trying to display a long series of text information in a message box, which worked fine on all my testing. Then I let users try it and, of course, it bombs first off. [B)] I recieve the error “length of source exceeds the size of the destination buffer”. So… what is the size limit (number chars, physical size limit, etc.) that a message box will accept[?] Thanks in Advance, Owen Mc Donald

Hi, Before displaying the message you are storing the text string in some variable?If this is case then check the length of variable.

Hi Rajesh, No, its not stored in any variable, although it would be under the text type max limit of 250. Rgds, Owen Mc Donald

Found it. I was using a small (output mask)? to display the profit %. I did not have the currency conversion correct. Thx + Best Rgds Owen Mc Donald