Message before committing transaction


In LS retail, upon collecting cash (after hitting ‘total’) we would like a message to show that the cashier will recieve xxx amount and should return yyy to the customer. We are asking for this because sometimes customers ask to change the note they paid with after the cashier hits total. So we want this confirmation message before committing the amount in and the amount to return

To further explain, lets say a customers invoice total is 18$ and he paid 50$ so the cashier inputs 50$ in the amount. The drawer opens and tells the cashier to return 32$. However the customer says “ohh i have a 20$ note, give me back my 50$ and here’s a 20$”

What we want is that a confirmation message to pop up before committing and closing the transaction “are you sure, paid amount 50 and return is 32” that creates a buffer if the customer wants to change note, the cashier clicks no on the above message and re enters the amount. Currently we were able to do this however when clicking no its voiding the 50$ line (ie closing then reopeing the transaction)

Thank you

This is an add-on specific question. As LS has decided not everyone to have access to the add-on, you have to ask this question directly to them. Sorry.

Hai Palle Arentoft,

Sorry to say like this, this is a forum for people who are working as a consultants In Microsoft related products and their addons, they can ask their questions, here the point is some people have a direct access to LSretail and Some people dont have, but through these Usergroups and Forums who dont have a dircet access to LS retail site they can ask their doubts and getting clarification for them.

You can ask any question that you want.

But unless it is Generic NAV related then it MIGHT be impossible to answer,

Specifically for LS-Retaill products they have decided to have a limited number of resellers per country - so there are only a few people that can answer specific questions about the product. For that very reason I suggested that its better to contact LS directly.

I think You should have button Pay and then select type of payment.

If the cashier opens the drawer it is means payment transaction confirmed (he|she has money on hand or special device calculate it) and the Customer should receive back change only.

based on my retail knowledge this message does not help you if cashier already confirm transaction and opened drawer.

and it is correct, because cashier should return 50$ (cancel payment line) and insert 20$ as payment line.