Merging different add-ons by different partners

anybody experienced the following problem and, is so, how did solve it?

We are about to install on a customer database three different add-ons (registered add-ons) developed by three different partnes. We have all the necessary licences which allow us the change the objects, but not to add fields with the add-on specific numbering series.

Although the add-ons cover different areas they share a few standard tables, on which some new fields have been implemented, so they cannot just be import one over an other.

We tried to import with the Merge option (both New ← Existing and Existing ← New), but the import fails on some newly added global variables.

When asked about this problem Microsoft said “Call the add-on author and ask for a more extended license” which we’ll do, but isn’t this silly? [:(]

Yes it’s silly, and you probably won’t be given access to create field in your license. Here is a funny thread on this.