Merging company data

I have a client in 2.6 SQL. When they originally purchased Navision from another NSC, they set up 3 companies. They really should have one company with 3 departments. Is there any way to merge the data into on company. Alot of the tables have unique no. series for documents like SO’s, so I think the biggest problem would be tables like GL Entry where there is an entry no. not a document no. Has anyone ever done this? I am assuming that it will be time consuming? But aside from that is there other major reasons NOT to do this? Thanks for any input you can give me…

Hi Kelly Well yes it will be time consuming [:D] ! Are there any practical business differentiations between the 3 companies? for instance one company may perpetually rent products and have a modification to handle this whilst the others do not? Will departments handle ALL business reporting and differentiation that they require? You’ll have fun if there are any customer/suppliers common to the companies but are referenced differently, same concept if items are the same and referenced differently - especially if you are using BOM’s. Lots of considerations, but it is achievable - but yes time consuming. Good luck. [:D]

Our company has an add-on which uses standard Navision company’s. But les you use one “main company” to control all “actions” related to those other companies.

Could you send me more information on this add-on to

Hi Kelly. I did this last year. It needs some analysis, but it’s not impossible if You just give it som thought first. If You have the same chart of accounts and posting setup in Your companies it’s a lot easier. The most difficult thing is to take care od the entry numbers and all the places these are used. That You need to analyze. If You look at the item ledger You have entry numbers. You also have “Closed by entry no” and so on. In 2.60 You also have aplication entries and reservations to take care of. On shipments You have entry nos. pointing to item ledger. And on and on it goes. Lucky for me it was a 1.20 I was merging. It was two companies merging into the third. I made reports with a lot of CHANGECOMPANY statements which moved the data between the companies and took care of renumbering entries. We tested the merge several times and in the end it was a “push-a-buttom-solution”. When You do the testing it’s important that You test all functions. Post invoices, run inventory adjustments and so on to verify that Your inventory-, customer-, vendor- ledger and son on is intact. Have fun! //Lars

I did one not long ago (v2.60) and it has gone fine… as long as you’re having the same accounting plan it should be no that hard making it work… but it will take some time on development and A LOT of time on testing. Steps to do: 1) Creation of a backup before starting. 2) Normal tables: Check from company 2 if the same record (a record with the same key) exists on company 1 (and it’s different… let’s say different parts that have the same No. on the two companies) and rename the records. 3) For Journal Entries, you’ve to check what’s the last entry no. on company 1 and rename company 2’s ones so their numbers are Entry No. + last company 1 entry no. 4) Check when renaming also the posted sales/purchases documents for being sure that the entry no. is referencing on them is also properly updated. 5) After all renaming and checking you’re having no conflicts… from company 1 import all records that are on company 2 (report on company 1 with a variable set on company 2 and loops of inserts). Regards,