Mergetool translate


I’m having a problem while translating dynamics Nav with the software mergetool. when i try to import the tranlated file into Nav and after thet tried to open the customer card i see in every field some codes. For example at customer No. i see →

No. (T180-F1-P8629) and also in every field some other codes.

Please somebody help me,

i tried to translate from English in my language and i have tried also some other application like “Localisation Workbrench” but it was too slow.

Waiting for your answer.

Thanks in advance!

Just for your information, if anybody has the same problem i solve it like this:

export the translated file in txt ==> replace caracter [( ]with [*(] and then import to excel and delete the column that starts with *( ==> export again to txt and import to NAV.