Mergetool and SQL Server

I know a few years back it was practically impossible to use the Mergetool and Navisions DevToolkit with a SQL Server, due to very bad performance.

But that was years back - does anyone of you know if this has become possible today? Or must I really install a NAV Server to let more than one use access it?

A few months ago, I tried to use the NDT on SQL, but it was still horribly slow.

A few days ago, I tought of something: When I have the time, I put all on SQL2005SP2 with the SQL2005 performance dashboard. I want to disable all secondary indexes on SQL through MaintainSQLIndex=No. And then let the SQL2005 performance dashboard advice me on which indexes to create.

But when will I have the time to test it?

Developer Toolkit isn’t optimized for SQL. Probably we will have to wait to see a few to good improvements.

I just tried my idea of removing all secondary indexes and then recreating the indexes I need (I couldn’t wait to test it!). But it is still very slow. So NDT has to be optimized for SQL first.

I never tried that, thanks for your information.