Merged Objects import error from NDT to NAV2009SP1

Hello All,

I am trying to migrate Nav5.01 to NAV2009SP1 with German objects, I have merged all the objects, using NDT and now trying to import those objects to NAV2009SP1 database. I am facing a lot of problems when trying to import them to NAV2009SP1 database, most of the errors are due to FIELDGROUPS (which only exists in merged table objects), then I started deleting FieldGroups that gave me errors. Now I am now facing unresolvable syntax errors. I am stuck now, and do not know how to move on. If anyone has some hints or have some experience with similar kind of problems please drop me a line.

My NDT version is 3.01.



This is a usual problem when upgrading. i am afraid. Find out the objects you may get error on importing and exclude them from import. The objects that were exclude you have to do manually.

Thanks mate,

I will give it a try! Just one more question, If I delete Field Groups, which seem to have conflicts or do not let me import, would it be an issue later on?



You mean filtergroups? Don’t delete anything, only delete when you absolutely know what you are doing and you will be able to reback it later.


I do not know what it is, but in the Code itself, it is called FieldGroups. Some FieldGroups are created by the merged table (no FieldGroup is in neither of base versions nor in the customised database). When I try and import these tables, it says wrong type of caption and so on, if I delete the FieldGroup there is no conflict. I thought it would be ok since Field Objects are not in the 2009 Base version or in the customised database.