Merged account RMA


When I merge an account I cannot process an RMA for the items previously sold under the merged from account. They are not listed.

Is this normal?


Hi, can you please elaborate the issue. It is important that you describe your issue properly in order to get some suggestions/solution.

Sure. I have 2 accounts, Customer A and Customer B. Both customers have a sales history. Both customers are the same person. Both accounts are merged merged, Customer B is the survivor. I want to process an RMA for products originally sold to Customer A . They are not showing as available to return in the merged Customer B account.

So you mean that the sales orders are not updated with the customer B? If so that customer account they have?
Does the customer transactions were moved to customer B?

All sales from customer A and B are visible in the merged account, however, when you create an RMA under account B, it does not list “Customer A” sales/products.

You mean from the find sales order form? If so can you check if the custInvoiceJour.InvoiceAccount has been updated correctly?