Merge Dimensions By Codes in AX 2012???

Hi all,

Currently in the middle of upgrading to AX 2012 from 2009. In AX 2009 we use a static table method called Dimensions::mergeDimensionsByCodes. There is also a Dimensions::mergeDimensions which I can see has been refactored by Microsoft in 2012 as DimensionDefaultingService::mergeDefaultDimensions.

So my question is, is there a 2012 version of the Dimensions::mergeDimensionsByCodes? I can’t seem to find anything like it and I would prefer not to reinvent the wheel.

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Hi Bob,

The merge is possible in AX2012 with help of the class DimensionMerge. There is an example how to use on the table SalesLine, method ‘mergeDimension’.

Thanks for the reply André!! I took a look at the SalesLine.mergeDimension() method and depending on the parameters passed to it, it would either take the primary dimension over the secondary, or vice versa. In my case I would want the primary and this would produce the same result as the methods in question.

After reviewing the 2009 code a bit more I realized they call the mergeByCodes method in a way (the parms passed) that produces the same result as the standard merge. Also it was not being called anywhere else by custom code so I am now using the DimensionDefaultingService.serviceMergeDefaultDimensions() method in AX 2012 to merge the two dimensions. Since they didn’t utilize the ability to do other things in the mergeByCodes, I was able just to use the standard method of merging.

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Hi Bob,

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Can somebody post code of merge in ax 2012??