Menusuites issues when opgrading

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on upgrading Nav 16 to 17. But during importing of merged files into nav 2017 i get error message as following:

Import-NAVApplicationObject : : [18023702] You do not have permission to modify the ‘Dept - MBS’ MenuSuite.
Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed.

I have developer license uploaded, but it keeps showing me that, and i cannot continue. In exporting phase should i skip menusuites, or is there any workarounds.

Hi Lynx, why should you want to import this MenuSuite? Just leave it. Microsoft is the owner of this MenuSuite and merging it will (should :wink: yield the same code as the NAV 2017 MenuSuite ‘Dept - MBS’.

Skip the meusuite and merge the object . Import the object and check.