Menusuite Problem

We are facing a problem regarding menusuite. We have developed certain modules in Navision3.7IN now it is to be upgraded to the Navision4.0IN . A case is as follows. --Previously a form was opened from the menu in the say S&R menu. but the same form was opened from the other menues too. For it the code was written on Push of the menus but now in menusuite while creating Item there is no option to add a code since it now calls the ‘Form’ directly.There are several forms we had like that. Please suggest how to resolve the problem.

Hi, Please search the forum, this question has been asked before. (Or was it was on MiBuso) You CANNOT use properties in menusuite. 3. Options 1. Create different forms 2. Create different codeunits which open the same form with filter 3. Create a menusform like 3.70 and start this from the menusuite. Regards, Mark

put the desired code in to a codeunit and call the codeunit from menusuite. This is the recommended way i believe