menusuite Objects

When menusuites objects are created, with the menu buttons, we specify index for the bitmap that places an icon on the menu button on navigation pane. Can anyone please tell me where are those icons defined and how can we add new icons for the menu buttons?

One more question, what happens when we write “recordset.get” without specifying the unique ID(primary key) as a parameter? Please enlighten me as I’m new to navision.

Thanks you all for ur valuable help…

Roshan Thapa

Isn’t possible to add menu icons to menusuite.

Get with empty value, will get a record where PK is empty.

Does that mean we have to use the same 15 icons regardless of how many menu buttons we create in the navigation Pane??

And you said that the ‘recordset.get’ without specifying any parameter will return a record that has empty primary key. Does that mean the primary key can be empty in some cases. And according to my knowledge no record can exist without a primary key. isn’t it?

Roshan Thapa

Take a look at G/L Setup or Sales & Receivables Setup, they only have one record in them, or should have.

With a primary key field being blank.

and yes you will have to survive with just the icons that exist in the menusuite i’m afraid.