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Nav Experts,

How to develop Menu Suite by Department?

I want to design Sales & Marketing section only for Sales Department, Purchase & Payables only for Purchasing Department, Financial Management only for Accounting and Finance.

Other menu that’s not relate to their Department will be disable or disappear after the User login.

Please help on how to achieve this.




You can arrange your menu groups and menu items as you like inside each menu (Sales&Marketing, Financial Management, etc.) and then you can assign users that can see each menu (you will assign users from your Sales Department only to Sales & Marketing menu, and so on…). To assign users to a menu, you click on one menu in Navigation Pane Designer and right mouse click → Assign Users…



I tried your suggestion and assigned userid SALES to Sales & Marketing menu. When userid SALES login, all other menus still appear/enable. Did I miss something?



By default, all users are assigned to all menus. So, you must un-check the Sales login from the other menus in order to see only the Sales & Receivables menu with that user.



I got it now. Thank you so much.


Glad I could help. Please mark the post as verified.


This is the way in menu-pane. And what an antiquated way of doing this! [:’(]


It is about menu-pane… Please feel free to share other ways to do it, more modern. There is always place for new and better solutions. I am thinking that the old fashion way is also the most simple one, but maybe I am wrong.


Sorry, that’s it! There is no other way. That’s the case!


You can code around this - e.g. copy a menu structure from another user by coping the User Menu Level record.

Thank you guys for responding.


hi DaveT,

i noticed it’s an old post but your help would be very appriciated.

how do i copy a user menu level record from another user?



Open Object Designer, run table 2000000061 (User Menu Level).

*If the record that you want to copy TO already exists, delete it!

*Locate and focus the user-id to copy FROM.
*Select the record (e.g. double-click record).
*Select Copy (e.g. Ctrl+C)
*Select Paste (e.g. Ctrl+V); now you’ll probably get an error, saying something like “The User Menu Level already exists…
*Press Enter; now you get a message, saying “The User Menu Level could not be pasted…”; press Enter again.
*(now a new record is about to be inserted, but with the same is as the FROM-record)
*Press F2 (rename); enter the ID of the user that shall have a copy. Press Enter.
*Now the FROM-user and the TO-user have identical user menus - but changing the one does not affect the other one.

Beware: the ID’s are case-sensitive!

Try this out in a CRONUS before going live. Rememer: there is no undo here. Other than a backup…

Worked like a charm,

thank you very very much.

[:D] [:D]

by the way, do you have any idea if there’s a similar Form such as this one but for NAV version 2009 ?

Thanks again,


Thanks, it’s very good. [Y]