Menu Suite Object Type property "Batch Job"?


I’m reviewing the 8359A course material in preparation for a certification test. And to renew my Navision knowledge. Anyway, on page 438, when talking about creating a Menu Item, there is mention in material of an Object Type of “Batch Job”. I’m using NAV 4 SP3. There is no option I can find for “Batch Job”. Am I missing something?



Hi Matt

I have never heart of or seen a Batch Job Object Type. It must be a mistake in the manual.



even the 4.0 help list that, but I have never seen it

“In the Object Type field, you can make a selection in the dropdown box. The following object types are available: Table, Form, Report, Batch Job, Codeunit, Dataport.”

even that is incomplete, since you can also select fieldnumber, xmlport, system, tabledate, and menusuite.

One of my colleagues has suggested they may be referring to non printing Report Objects. I’ll go with that. But I’m glad to see I’m not the only one seeing this.

Oddly enough this is a left over from the DOS version. Then we had Reports and Batch Jobs as seperate objects. But in fact they were identical except that one printed and one didn’t.

So they added the option “Processing Only” to reports, and called them Batch jobs. In reality it depends who did your training. Your trainer should have told you this in your first C/SIDE classes, but these days things are different, and these details are not passed across in the books. But unfortunately the people writing the books, simply take it for granted that everyone knows about this.

Its much like typing a ? code in a text field. Its sort of mentioned in the manuals, but still I regularly find developers implementers consultants customers etc that just missed that reference, and thus never use the feature. Of course I am sure everyone here knows what the ? mark does right.