Menu Suite and the old menus

I know there is a ton of information about this, but I couldn’t find a direct solution. I am in a case where a 3.70 User is ready to move to 4.00. They want to use the new menu suite, but don’t want to bring all users over at once, Instead just do it group by group or user by user. Ideal would be to bring the “Main Menu ID” field from 370 User Setup, and a new tick box “Use 370 Menu”, tick them all at the start, and then they won’t see a change immediately, and once they are ready, just untick the box. Is there a way to do this, or do we have to do it with permissions etc.

David, I did something similar to this. v3.7 has some code in the LogInStart trigger of the Application Managemet codeunit that checks the Start Up Form ID for the User from Table 91 - User Setup. Both this field and the code have been removed from v4 but I just put them back and it worked fine. Hiding the Navigation Pane using Alt-F1 seems to be something stored in the ZUP file so for the users who still want the v3.7 look and feel in v4 you could log as them yourself initially, hide the Navigation Pane, and the ZUP file should take care of any subsequent log ins for the user.

The story is as simple as adding a function to the CU 1. Just add a function to CU 1 with the ID 1 which returns an integer value. The fin.exe still tries to execute and evaluate the return value of this function. If you return a number there, the system will run the form with the ID of the returned integer IF you want to have different “Main Menus” per user, you need to extend the User Setup table and add a “Main Menu ID” (integer) field there. The code in your new Function 1 is as easy as : IF UserSetup.GET(USERID) THEN EXIT(UserSetup."Main Menu ID");

Thanks all, I also got some help from Marq (since MBSOnline was playing up yesterday). I have no problem adding 370 menus, and turning off 4.00 as a logged in user. The issue is that we want to phase in the users to the new menus, and want an easy way to just turn them on or off, (Especially since about 40 users are on citrix). I was hoping there was a way to use code to turn off 4.00 menu suites, but from what Marq says, that is not possibel?

Turning off is not possible, you can hide it, this is saved in the zup-file.