Menu Security - Only show partial items.

I know how to add users to modules. i.e. Financial Management. etc… Is there any way you can limit a user to only see part of the module when they click on it??

For example when they click on Financial Management I only want the specified user to see Payables or Receivables.

Thanks in advance,


I have just chcked and I cannot see how to restrict menu item access.

The only option I can see is to build “many” menus with and without the modules and then allow / disallow access.

Thanks Jonathan.

I didn’t think it was possible.


I tried creating an empty module and everytime I add an item to it I get an error when saving.

Form 37032510 does not exist.



What version are you working with?

I have seen some undocumented features with the Navigation Pane too!

What sort of licence do you have and what permission does your login possess?

Were on Version 5.1.

We have acces to the MenuSuite to change things. I’ve done minor things before. Nothing to the Main Menu before.

Not sure if we have a Developer’s License or not.