Menu per company?

Is there a way to create a MenuSuite per Company in NAV 4.0?

You know in the good old day (before NAV 4.0) you could create a menu per company (yes even per users). I don’t seam to have this option in NAV 4.0, And I don’t think that the Design Level “Company” works per company!

Well I haven’t found a way yet, but I hope there is a way…

Here are some posts I’ve seen…



Mark Brummel

Thanks Harry,

I would really like to know the threads you found this in. I tried to seach for this and the only thing I get is your reply here…

Mark’s comment looks interesting, but I don’t quite understand what he means…

I’ve read them on mibuso - search for “menu & company” or “suite & company”

These guys are member here too - so i’d figure they can see the post & elaborate plus get some other suggestions from the dynamics users

Hi Harry,

I know, that’s why I didn’t even consider searching there…

There is a system table 2000000061 User Menu Level. By default it is DataPerCompany NO.

You can set this to YES and have a different menu per company.

Excellent answer! Thank you. I will try that! [:D]