Menu Item

Hi all…

I have a question. Can I create a menu item with differents permissions? What I want is a menu item that show things for admins and other things to users…

If it is possible how can i do it?

Which version are you using?

Classic or RTC?


I’m using: RTC R2 2013

You should create a global variable with IncludeInDataset property Yes

and Calculate whether user is admin or not as per your requirement in OnOpen Page trigger and set global variable to true or false

set the global variable created in menuitem visible property

I want to show or hide the buttons of menu suite, not what is inside of it? If i am admin i can see all menu suite, if not, i can only see some buttons of menu suite

Then you should do it using Roles and Permissions.

Don’t give permission to objects under the menuitem to non admin roles and the menuitem is not visible to non admin users…

And where i can do it?



XXX/Departments/Administration/IT Administration/General

Open Users and check Permission sets assigned to non admin users

and modify those permission sets

Hi my friends

I have a questions

1- Can i create 2 menu items 1 only appears to user and the other only to admins?


2- Create a menu item and show all of it to admins and disable some departments to users?

Its possible one of this option? If yes can anyone help me how to do it? thanks :slight_smile: